October 12, 2021

Keywords to Make Your Medical Sales Resume Shine Above Others

By Medical Sales College

It is important to use keywords in your resume when applying for any job. These words will help emphasize your skills and highlight your strengths, proving you are the right fit for the job. With hiring managers skimming through many resumes, using powerful words can bring your experience to life, quickly illustrate your skills and qualifications, and allow you to stand out from the pile of applicants.

It’s true that most resumes use repetitive and boring language. Word choice is a part of the competition to land an interview. Not only should your resume be easy to read for hiring managers, but it should also perform well with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which companies use to help sort through the large number of applications they receive. With an ATS, missing certain keywords can automatically eliminate you from the competition.

By including these keywords in your resume, you are not only increasing your chances of making it through the ATS, but you’re also pushing your application towards the top of the stack.

The following are a list of words from A to Z you can use in your medical sales resume.

A: active, activity, account, account manager, account management, account executive, assess, assessment

B: budget, budgeted goals, budgeted sales goals, build, B2B, B2C, brand, branding, brand management, business development, business plan

C: customer, client, customer-focused, client-focused, customer relations, client relations, customer needs, consultative, consultative sales, competitor, competition, competitive, competitive analysis, Customer Relationship Management, CRM, customer service, close, closer, contract, contract negotiation, contract management, communicate, communication, communications, communication skills, cold-calling, convey complex information

D: direct, directive

E: expense, expense reporting, experienced, enthusiasm, enthusiastic

F: field sales, forecast, forecasting

G: goals, goal-oriented

H: health, healthcare, health care, hunt, hunter, high-performing, high performance

I: influence, influential, initiative, inside sales, interpersonal skills

J: join, justify

K: knowledge

L: leadership, lead, lead generation, lead management

M: medical, medical device, medical device sales rep, medical device sales representative, medical sales, medical sales rep, medical sales representative, market, market share, margin, motivate, motivated, marketing, marketing management

N: negotiate, negotiation, negotiation skills, needs, needs assessment, new business development

O: objective, objectives, operating room, OR, O.R., outside sales, outside sales rep, outside sales representative, organizational skills

P: proficient, proficiency, persuasive, persuasion, persuasion skills, product, product portfolio, product development, product lifecycle management, presentation, presentation skills, pricing, profit, profit margin, prospect, prospecting, perform, performance, planning

Q: quota, qualify, qualifying

R: relationship, relationship-building, relationship selling, relationship sales

S: surgery, surgical, surgeon, surgeon customer, surgical sales, sales, sales rep, sales representative, sales goals, sales objectives, sales cycle, sales proficiency, sales professional, sales manager, sales executive, sales activity, sales activities, solution selling, solution sales, sales analysis, sales forecasting, support, sales support, sales presentation, sales quota, strategy, strategizing, strategic, strategic plan, sales strategy, self-motivated, success, successful

T: territory, territory development, territory management, territory plan, therapeutic, team, teamwork, team-building, team member, training, technical sales, target, targeting, target market, time management, time management skills, top performer

U: unite, use, update, utilize, upgrade

V: vendor, value, value-added

W: watch, weigh, witness, win, write

Y: yield